Monday, February 15, 2010


Whhyyyyy does it take me forever to finish this one glove?! Okay so I got a pattern for a pair of gloves for my cousin's christmas (that's right, Christmas gloves that I'm finishing up in Mid-February, people!) present, and I'm just getting to the fingers of the first glove, and yes, I started this before Christmas. It would of been done if I had more time at home, and maybe a little more time during my lunch hours at work.

I've been budgeting our home income and stuff, and lately it's been stressing me out. Lucky for me, I stopped going to Michaels every couple of weeks. Now it feels like maybe once every two months. Hurrah. Currently on a yarn diet, because my craft drawers are bursting with yarn! I've resorted to putting some in tote bags, and baskets. Must find more projects faster than I can find myself at a yarn/craft store. However, even though I started that yarn diet...ever since the summer, I've been going crazy over makeup...I'm HOOKED on make up tutorials on Youtube (maybe I should go on a make up diet as well), which has inspired me to possibly start my own videos...maybe in the future. I'm not sure what it's going to focus on, maybe it'll be just as random as this blog. I'm trying to get some cogs turning in my hobby life. There are just so many things I want to do! I guess it's all about proper scheduling. Craft shows, internet videos, a day job and a social life? Busy busy.

Chinese new years also just passed, so I'm hoping that the year of the Tiger will be good to Rabbits (and possibly Pigs) this year! Had one of the worst years of my life in's very depressing when I look back on it, BUT stay positive Bunny! Things will look up soon :)

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