Sunday, July 25, 2010

Finding Inspiration (day 2)

It occurred to me that I get distracted too easily with a new idea, and the fact that I have a billion projects on my plate is not helping me finish anything. I've still got a sweater I gotta work on that I promised a coworker I'd get to a specific point...because she's working on the same one, and we BOTH have the same issue with multiple projects and personal/work life balance. I also found that I end up buying crafty things at my local craft store that are just pretty. Thank goodness they're usually on sale, but I've got 2 full drawers of yarn, and some straggling skeins because I can't fit them anywhere! Why did I need 150 sheets of scrapbooking paper? And what the heck are these stickers for?! I don't know, but it's got monkeys on them!

The picture indicates my adventure for today, which was a free admission to the Portobello West Fashion and Art Market. I collected a handful of business cards, as I wasn't in the place to buy anything at the moment, but wanted their information for a later date...and also scout out inspiration for my own creations. I am now on a hunt for feathers...another thing to add to my billion of things to do. Still trying to do that animated short too...gah...

At least I had a good time at the market, as my brain is filled with new ideas! Also, I am one step closer to finishing that shadow box...

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