Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"It's too hot in our apartment..." (day 5)


This is what my brother has been saying for the last couple of days. There he is in the photo cutting up watermelons. Hi!

I got a text from him on Monday asking if I had dinner plans for Tuesday. I said no, and asked what he had planned, in which he replied "Can my wife come over and cook you dinner? Our kitchen is too hot". Now I live in a basement suite, so compared to their apartment, it's Antartica. They've also been eating out so much, just to get out of the apartment, so cooking is the cheaper option...They came over tonight as well to do the same thing. I must pay them back though, because they cooked two dinners for 4 (with leftovers!).

In return for tonight's dinner, however, I made them a card for a wedding they will be attending on the weekend, while my sister-in-law was cooking. It's simple, cute, and more personalized than them buying a random card and putting their names on it.

:) Two photos, makes up for yesterday!

From Crafty Bunny

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