Sunday, July 25, 2010

Neglecting the Blog and starting project 365 (day 1)

...It's not like I'm doing it on purpose...

Okay blog! I'm going to do a bunch of focus on you're cheaper than me heading to the mall. I need all the cheaper options I can get! That's right, I'm having PB&J sandwiches for the rest of this the shape of dinosaurs...

I've been all hipster with photography since obtaining my SLR at the beginning of the year, and about a month or two ago, I've started to get into photo blogs and galleries on the Interwebs. I came across this website called, which has some -amazing- DIY photo projects, and also products in their store. They had a project idea that really intrigued me, and while it had to involve a blog...I was already one step into starting this project.

It's called "Project 365" - take one photo in your day for a whole year (possibly one that sums up your whole day) that brings you joy, or even if it's just something that makes you smile on the inside, and post it via photo blog or gallery. Some might say that a year passes by so quickly, they don't even remember anything good that happened (I would know...I had a HORRIBLE 2009...). With this project, I'm hoping that even with some bad things that happened, I can find the little things that make my day...that doesn't require me to buy something.
This post is technically for "yesterday's happenings" so I will post for today as well later.
Things that happened: Saw 'Inception' -- SO GOOD, bowling, then bbq at my uncle's house, where we played frisbee at the park and flew a 29 tiered kite from China. We also saw the "Celebration of lights" from the park :). Lots o' family fun!

So here I start my Project 365 (I will probably move the same pictures and things that happened list into a gallery for easier viewing, and time capsule-ness later), along with continuing craft posts...don't worry, those haven't stopped yet! I'm attempting Scrapbooking. Wish me luck on multiple projects =_=

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