Sunday, August 08, 2010

Another Family BBQ (day 15)

I have a huge huge family and we love to get together for dinners. We almost don't need to have "reunions" because we see each other so often, unless someone far away is coming to visit. This was the case this time, but it was a cousin of mine's 10th birthday so the occasion worked out well for another get together. A BBQ in the rain, to be exact.

We had some family members come up from California who had just had brand spankin' new babies! The picture above is a new cousin of mine. I didn't catch his name because...well...I don't think it was mentioned. He is also my Great Aunt's daughter's son (I think I just confused myself), so I think that makes us 2nd cousins? I found a family flowchart that helped me with this, as I have too many family members, it's hard to keep track of everyone's names and which kid belongs to who. This guy's a comedian! He makes awesome faces all the time. Absolutely so cute, I couldn't get over how cute him and my new first cousin (my Aunt Tina's daughter) were! Here's a picture of her:

Lots of cheek pinching and pretending to 'om nom nom' their tiny feet and hands were going on in that house. They enjoyed the attention, I'm pretty sure :). As usual, the event was the same, except with more babies this time; came said "Happy Birthday" to Aileen and we started to chow down on BBQ. Delicious as always. Games were played with the kids, and lots of photos were taken. Best part of my day? I got to kiss my baby cousin on the nose, and she liked it :)

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