Monday, August 09, 2010

Aquatic Suicide (day 16)

So, this project was meant for me finding things that just brighten up my day, preferably free or budget worthy. On my daily morning routine to go say "Good morning my sunshines" to my lovely Leopard Danios (photograph not by me), I noticed one was missing. I looked throughout the tank to see if maybe our snails had gotten a hold of a dead fish corpse. I couldn't find it in the tank, and that's when it hit me. This had happened before. I looked behind the tank and onto the carpet. There he was, dried up and wide-eyed. I really hate dealing with dead animals. If I could, I would avoid it as much as possible, but Chris wasn't awake and I didn't want to wake him up for a toilet flush. So long my friend, you will be missed. Toilet salute!

And then there were 3. Originally, we bought a group of 10 of them. They were really fun because of their high energy and they like to swim in schools so the effect was really neat when they swam together in unison. One by one, they would either get sick, or just disappear (which would usually end up being outside the tank). Now that there are only 3, our tank looks so empty. It's more populated with snails than with fish!

So what brightened up my day? Snails on top of other snails trying to hitch a ride on each other, and seeing their little "glub glub" mouths on the glass.

Glub glub.

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  1. Hehe so cute! Snails hitching a ride that is. Sorry to hear about your loss :( How many snails do you now have over populating your tank?