Saturday, August 28, 2010

Craft night (day 35)

Craft night was wonderful. We went to the Michaels in our area and they offer a Craft night where you can use their facilities and tools. Sign up is mandatory because there are only 14 seats available, but when you do sign up, you can drop by anytime from the afternoon to closing. A few people from a local craft network I started on facebook with some friends and their friends came to this meet up. 

I only got to do two pages, and I think I will be adding a little more to this page on the right (like a label of some kind). The rest of the night was learning how the Michaels Cricut machine worked. It's amazing. I would never have the money to buy that machine, but that just means more Michaels craft nights so I can use it for free!!! I must plan this out.

This will definitely be a monthly thing if we can get the ball rolling. I only want to craft more now! Note to self: Bring less supplies next's a craft store...they have a lot of stuff...

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