Thursday, August 19, 2010

Exhausted (day 26)

The Eye of Sauron...
This is usually how I've been doing my make up in the mornings. Neat you can kind of see my contact lens. Only just noticing this now as I type. Gold all over lid, with a beige on brow bone and inner corner, black liner, but only on the outer half, and I kind of smudged it with some black shadow on an angled brush, not much though.

Tonight was kind of excruciating. I was planning on ordering beads from They have really cheap beads for making jewelry and other crafts. I found 3 others who were interested in doing a group order, to help with shipping (as it offers a really good Canadian flat rate) and multiple bead costs. After finding everyone's beads, I continued to complete the order, but I kept getting a 'cookie' error. At first it wouldn't let me go to certain points in the ordering process, they felt random at first, until finally, I just all together couldn't get into the shopping all. I got one of my friends to try it, and she didn't have a problem with it in Internet Explorer, but had the error come up in Firefox, so I decided to try both browsers...but ended up getting the same result. 3 HOURS LATER, my friend and I decided that she try on her computer. I gave her all the information from everyone. She got through though, after getting about 40 cookie error popups...I never got just brought me to a Yahoo! error page. JERKS! Now everything's all jumbled because two items were missed in the ordering process, and so another order was made in hopes that a call to the office bright and early will ensure a combination of the two orders, and furthering our discount...and also make a formal complaint about their website ordering process. This is my first time ordering from them, I'm hoping for great customer service. Keep your fingers crossed.

Yup, that eye makeup...still best part of my sad.

I'm so tired now. Zzzz.

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