Friday, August 20, 2010

Geek ramblings (day 28)

Friday. How I love Fridays!

After work, I went over to my brother's for dinner. Homemade honey garlic short ribs were made (YUM, thanks Trish!), along with shirmp and...some cactus thing, on rice. 

After dinner, we headed out to the ferry terminal to pick up my cousin who is staying at my grandma's place for a while. We have some plans with him on the weekend, so we figured we could pick him up, plus we had the evening free. The picture is the dashboard of my brother's car; I was in the back seat. We made a little detour at the mall because the guys (and by guys, I mean everyone in the car...besides me) wanted to go pick up "Magic the Gathering" cards...I went to look at phones and clothes, and we also met up with our other cousin there. Went back to my brother's place afterwards, where I indulged in some green bean ice cream.

I brought my camera around on this trip to the ferries in hopes of capturing something nice, and I enjoy that photo of Droopy. However, I'm not too fond of the edit. Lately, I've been thinking about my seriousness about photography (and drawing of sorts), and taking the time to go into Photoshop and doing some proper editing, rather than using Picasa for all the late night blog entires. As it is a great program and user friendly, it's too simple for what I want to achieve. In which case, I should probably have a proper workspace to do this rather than a TV/laptop tray, where there is no room for a mouse. And then I start thinking about how I should look into new lenses, maybe a flash, maybe a personal camera bag that isn't just some black plain bag that EVERYONE has, maybe a more compact advanced camera. The more I look and think about this kind of stuff, the more I weighed options. It took me a long time to decide on an SLR, and even though the HD video ones are the next model after mine and I think they're so cool, I don't think I'll trade in my SLR so soon. Besides, it's a new technology with SLRs and advanced digital still cameras. Even though it looks great now, I'm expecting it to be even better later on, with larger capacity SD cards for even more storage. I'm waiting for my future perfect point and shoot camera that does all of these and more:
  • Water/shock/snow/Shann proof
  • HD video
  • Manual focus 
  • Panoramic option
  • Wide angle function or add on adapter
  • Manual shutter speed and aperture control
I'd rather not own 3 different cameras...but at the moment, it looks like the case. Keep dreamin' Shann :(

I've also been wanting a tablet. I sold my old one because the drawing space was way too small. I've been using a larger one at work, and I really like it. I no longer get cramps or the stiff pains in my wrist as I used to with a mouse.

So here is a list of things that I want to invest in later on:
  • Wacom Tablet (6x8, or bigger)
  • Canon/Sigma lens (but which ones?!) and flash
  • Camera sling bag (for hiking or general walking around with comfort - preferably sturdy and holds more than just camera)
  • A bicycle to finally learn on, and when I do get that bike, I'm getting a helmet mount!
Eek, enough geek talk, it's Friday night; a night I've been waiting for the entire week. What's so great about tonight? The feeling of knowing I get to sleep in on Saturday morning...even if it's just a little bit!

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