Monday, August 30, 2010

Lobster and Art (day 36-37)

How was YOUR weekend?

Saturday, I saw "The Switch" with my 'cousin' Julie. We also made our own dinner (which included a super cheap lobster sale), and had a game night with our other cousin, Ry, and my brother and his wife. "Killer Bunnies". So many expansion packs, it's not even fun anymore. I've only included about 6 expansions, and I believe there's 10 or 11 of them... ridiculous. I still had a good time regardless. We had ice cream :).

Sunday, I finally got to sleep in. I don't think I've gotten to sleep in for about a month, so it racked up. Woke up around after 12. It was great! Then, we visited "The Living Room Studio" for a painting session. Since we don't have paints ourselves, and don't really plan on doing it often enough to get the materials, we asked to use their facilities, and they gladly let us. They even paid for dinner and wouldn't let me pay them back! Looks like I'll have to pay them back in cheap lobsters! Below are projects that Chris and myself worked on there. Both of us are proud of our work. I hope you enjoy :)

"Morning Necessities"
By Shannon T.
I got the idea to paint pizza boxes after visiting "California Pizza Kitchen" just outside Downtown Seattle. They had displayed some in shadow boxes on their walls, and I was so inspired, I used their boxes that my brother had brought home with his leftovers in it. I thought it turned out okay, regardless of the fact that I haven't painted since high school.

"The Jolly Trooper"
By Chris H.
Inspired by an image that he found on the internet, Chris painted a Storm Trooper on our newly purchased acoustic guitar. For someone who says they suck at art, I absolutely love this. I don't know what he's talking about.

"Whoops, I got it on your carpet"
By Shannon T.
I attempted to cover the fact that I dropped a paintbrush with white on our friend's carpet...with my foot...I cleaned it up after realizing...its not going to just come off with my toes.


  1. It was great having you guys over and we will have to have another Art Day™!

  2. Yay! I'll have to find more pizza boxes...or another canvas form :)