Thursday, August 26, 2010

Making piles (day 34)

I am in preparation mode for a craft night with a small group of people. I am gathering supplies and organizing papers. I put all of my stamps into a little Sephora bag; it fits perfectly! Shown is my favourite stamp, of which I have yet to use.

...I suddenly realize I'm bringing a lot of items to this meet up. I have my file folder of papers/cutters/scissors/stickers etc, my actual scrapbook, my bag of stamps, and two books (scrap-booking and Martha Stewart).

This is just like high school again. I didn't have a sketchbook, but  I had a clipboard of paper. I carried that around everywhere I went in case impromptu doodling was needed. I also had one of those "how to draw" books, that I took with me as well. Then there were the class textbook and binders I needed to bring, with pencil case, which was loaded with drawing pencils and graphing calculator. My backpack was always heavy because I brought almost every subject home, homework or not, which is probably why my back is so messed up now. Grade 12 was a good year cause I didn't have too many classes that had homework. I knew I was going into artistic post secondary, so I took as many fine art classes as I could. Unlike others who used their grade 12 year to get spare blocks to study or just chill, I filled mine up with Jazz band, and Ceramics. I got a pretty good GPA when I graduated, not like it mattered for the schooling I went though. I guess it was just for a personal achievement.

I've always had the problem of being over prepared for everything, and usually beat myself over the head when I do forget something. How could I?! I brought so much stuff!! This is going to be difficult bringing to the meet up.

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