Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Musical Jewelry (day 38)

I'm sure this isn't the most original idea out there, but it was worth the go. Featured here are some Dunlop guitar picks which I have turned into earrings! *tada!* I was having an issue with making holes in these, but these ones turned out pretty good I think. I was working on some Fender bass picks, but they broke on me :( I'll have to get another pair and figure out a different way. I also have more in the works that are similar with different colour and patterns.

These are metal picks that already had holes in them *phew*

Also, let me tell you about the neighbourhood cat. I'm about 60% sure that this cat is my neighbours. A lot of signs point to this cat being a stray, as it didn't have a collar (I didn't check for a tattoo), it definitely needed a bath as her fur was extremely greasy and dirty, and very affectionate to strangers...probably looking for a home. However, my neighbour...well...lets just if you saw their back yard, you'd understand. They have several large appliances sitting in their yard, with forest greenery growing over their fence and wrapping around their appliances. I think I saw half a canoe, and over turned lawn furniture that haven't moved since I lived here. Don't get me started on what I could see inside the house from my walkway. So, it's understandable that this lonely cat could belong to them...I actually find this kitty on their property, hanging out in the bushes, or resting in the shade on their front steps. Today after work, she approached me and she's the head-butting type. She'd come smell your hand and then bump her head onto your hand, and continue to do that to any part of you that she can access: leg, bags you're carrying, butt (if you're bent over), shoe, and if she wants to get to a higher part of your leg, she'll attempt to jump and rub her body, which can get amusing. I made the mistake of giving her some attention, as she turns over on her back with paws in the air. I was probably standing outside my house for 20 minutes, waiting for her to stop following me. Our landlady does not allow us to have pets as part of our lease, so I wanted to make sure this cat did not follow me inside the house. Nothing seemed to work, and after 20 minutes of her rubbing up against any part of me she could reach, I decided to walk towards the house and into the yard. It seemed like she was trying to make sure I didn't leave her alone because every time I took a step, she'd be there to rub against my leg and purr, but I had to. Luckily for me, she got distracted by the entire yard and started exploring. I rushed away and hoped that she would be okay on her own. I felt bad for leaving her, but I couldn't do anything more. :(

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