Monday, August 09, 2010

Pass the Trees, please (day 17)

HOLY COW. So Crafty Bunny's about crafts...isn't it? Not just photography? Well I'll have you know, I did some impromptu scrapbooking the on Saturday as I was cleaning my book case area. I had bought an scrapbooking travel folder for little tools, scraps, and full sheets of design papers. While putting things away, I noticed that the scrapbook I had REALLY SMELLED...gah, I couldn't figure out why....maybe it was because it was sitting in my book shelf for ages...or maybe it was the glue I used? Who knows. I spritzed some vanilla perfume on it smells like old book and vanilla.

In other news, I've discovered something wonderful today! There are boat cruises for crafting. THAT'S RIGHT. I'm probably way behind on this news. There are several that happen thoughout the year, and they repeat annually. I'm hoping one day I can go to the one that goes to Los Cabos and Belize. Eeee. Time to save up!

Tonight was leftovers night. Back in the days of my youth, as so I would also expect a handful of other children, I used to call broccoli "trees".

"Mom, can you pass me the trees, please?"
"I want the white trees" (hehe Cauliflower)

I'm pretty sure I didn't like broccoli until my mom pointed out they looked like trees...and then they were the best vegetable in the world. I preferred the cauliflower over broccoli...but now? It's hard to say...I mean look at it! It looks like a tree! Boggles my mind.

For this image, the "tree" is sitting on top of a snowy mashed potato hill. I had to make sure the lens didn't crash into the "hill"...that would of been a mess.

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  1. I give this two thumbs up! Broccoli were trees back in the day for me, and still are! On top of that I am a dinosaur which attacks them! NOM NOM NOM