Monday, August 16, 2010

Pleasant Surprise (day 24)

So there was this BBQ that I was invited to last thursday that was held by Chris's company. However, by the time I could get off work and bussed down to Stanley Park, everyone except for Chris and our friends had already gone home. GREAT. I wasn't all that happy with that, but that evening ended up pretty good anyhow. What Chris didn't tell me was that he had won a door prize at that BBQ, and he picked up the prize today!
Very cool! This is a back massager seat to put on chairs or sofas. Chris isn't a fan of these, so I'm pretty much the main user of this massage chair. It also has heat features, not that I need them in the summer. It reminds me of something from Stargate...I'm gonna go use it now!

update: I also made earrings tonight :)

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