Friday, August 20, 2010

Rediscovering an old Favourite (day 27)

Instant Noodles
Growing up, I had instant noodle meals in a couple of forms: in soup, maybe with beef balls, crumbling up the bag and just putting on seasoning salt from the package for a snack. My favourite was always the dry version. Cooking the noodles in a pot, with the provided seasoning (or if you're like me and the package has expired...use beef broth), drain the noodles, and mix in some "ABC" sweet soy sauce. Oh, so tasty! I usually didn't drink the broth anyway, so this form is great. I don't particularly have a brand I normally get. Most of the time, it's whatever my parents get, and when I visit, I'm gawking at their stash of instant noodle boxes (they're usually stacked up to my waist). At first it used to be "MAMA" when I was a kid, now I think they've been branching off with different kinds. My grandparents also have a cupboard shelf DEDICATED to instant noodles.

I can definitely say though...not a fan of "Mr. Noodles"...not a fan...

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