Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Seattle Elves (day 30-31)

Sunday was a trip to Seattle with some family. This is a not a stock photo, but a similar picture expected by anyone visiting the city who carries a camera around. I wasn't planning on shopping in the area, as that's usually what we do when we visit the states. Instead, my money was saved for meals and entertainment. I spent considerably less than I normally would on my trips south. I had main FREE sights I wanted to check off my list: The space needle, and the "Grey's Anatomy" helicopter landing pad they used for the show, which was right across from the needle (the KOMO building)...I guess that was pretty much it for the free stuff.

We visited the Scifi and Music Museum by the Space needle. Our group split up though because some wanted to go shopping, and some didn't, which was fine because our group was large enough to do so. Rendevous point was determined, and we went our separate ways. I'm glad we went there, because I don't think I could of handled looking at things I probably shouldn't buy...I almost left Nordstrom Rack with a pair of Nine West black patent heels...*sigh*.

To the right, is a fan made costume of a Stormtrooper. The whole museum was really neat. There was no flash photography though, so it was really tough to get some good looking pictures.

Overall the trip was pretty good. I started to get a bit sleepy by the end of it (the drive home was horrible to try and stay awake) because we had to wake up so early to get to Seattle in the first place (and get early bird parking at P-P-P-Pike's Place)...which reminds me:

My brother took us to the "Gum Wall" behind Pike's Place market. It was pretty disgusting. I'd share some pictures of the wall...another time. This one I particularly liked because of the gum association with the phrase. Another version of "carving initials into a tree". What I didn't get was how they got so high...this was way above my head as you can tell by the perspective angle that this photo was taken. A lot of names and pictures were made out of gum. I threw my gum at the wall because I didn't want to touch someone else's gum by accident. It didn't stick, just bounced off. My brother stuck his gum with a Canadian nickel:

Enough disgusting stuff.

We went to "California Pizza Kitchen" for dinner (no, we didn't go to California as well, this was just outside Seattle's Downtown core). There I had a really good Clam Linguine, and the spark of a new artistic idea, which will be a surprise for some. I had a lot of neat art and craft ideas on this trip, I'm hoping to go through with them.

MONDAY NIGHT - This week, I am going to be the shoe cobbler elf that works at night. I am working on getting Chris's shoes patched up. They're only 3 months old, and they've already torn in the back. Luckily for him, he's got a pair of runners he can use while I take a couple of days to slowly patch this up. I had the idea of using the denim from a pair of jeans I was going to hem, because they would be more durable than another piece of thin cloth. I haven't done any hand stitching for a long time. My fingers kind of hurt, and the maneuvering inside the shoe is a bit tough. I don't really have good sewing skills, so my stitching is really bad. They're kind of all over the place for the most part. I had one section where I had a solid method going for one side, but it didn't really work for the rest of it. I should of thought about the hem of the pieces before I started sewing these on...it's really tough. Good luck to me, I'm going to need it.

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