Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sweetie (day 32)

Was never really someone who liked coconut. The smell is okay, the taste...is okay. Don't like the texture. I DO, however, love anything shaped like bunnies. Here we have a coconut bunny treat with a nut cookie. My coworker, Olo, was kind enough to bring this to me from one of his dinners out at a restaurant. This was actually sometime last week...and it's been sitting at my desk because I kept forgetting about it. The bunny is now hard. I would say the consistency is now like a hard meringue...but when I first got it, it was soft like a marshmallow. I don't think I'll eat it...but I cannot preserve it...or can I?! This picture also reminds me of this:
(picture not taken by me...I'm not sure who did, but it's been floating around the internet for a long time)

Been having too many sweets lately. I brought out a candy dish which has sour soothers and gummy coke bottles in it. Then on the side, sprite with cranberry juice. And to top it off, I also have a chocolate bar in the fridge! I'm on a major sugar high right now, yet I haven't used the energy to do something useful...like cleaning, or working on my shoe clobber skills. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get diabetes soon. I'm going to sew this energy off!

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