Tuesday, August 17, 2010

There's a Butter-Chicken Bunny Monster in my fridge (day 25)

Lunch buffet at Atithi Indian cuisine is always satisfying. They have all-you-can-eat for really cheap and if you want to take it to go, it's even cheaper! They give you a container and it's "all-you-can-fit". Needless to say, my container was overflowing with Butter Chicken sauce...I had to get a bag so I wouldn't get my hands in delicious-ness...otherwise...I think I'd get funny looks. I'm not a Butter Chicken monster, I swear! When I was done with lunch, I tied up the bag with my leftover food (of course there's leftovers!). The bag ended up looking like a bunny head, so I drew some eyes and a mouth on it:
I was originally planning on having this for dinner, but my brother invited me out...so the bunny will be sitting in my fridge overnight until tomorrow! Hopefully the food will still be good by then.

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