Friday, August 06, 2010

Up to date (days 12-14)

Let us continue with catching up shall we? I should be able to post daily....I hope. These are things that made my day a little easier to enjoy.

Day 12 - A pair of earrings I wore that my cousin/bff got for me a while back. I love them a lot. They're so simple and beautiful. They are genuine Swarovski (they even have the little swan symbol).

Day 13 - After work, a coworker and myself went to the grocery store on the way home during our carpool. I needed salad dressing, and luckily for me, the "fancy" signature Kraft dressings were on sale. He recommended the "Fig Balsamic Vinegrette". My goodness, was it ever tasty. I drizzled very little over my lettuce, added some bulk nut mix on the side of chicken and onion. I swear, best salad/chicken combo I've ever had in my life. I may stop eating caeser...and it's prob better for me! How exciting. I've never been so excited to have left over salad for lunch.

Day 14 - This image is a bit harder to digest...because I hate much. This morning I found myself in the situation where I had to get rid of a GIGANTIC spider beside my fridge. I stood there frozen with my trusty Proton Pack (dirt devil hand vacuum). He was my prisoner for all of 2 minutes before I flushed him down the toilet. That's right, I have no mercy when it comes to GIGANTIC spiders. They're just gonna keep coming back. Gotta love living in a basement suite. The reason why this is up is because I was glad I was able to get rid of it myself. I mean, I called out for Chris's help, but all he did was laugh and wish he had a camera to video tape me.

On a lighter note, a friend of ours came over for dinner and a movie after work. He brought his dog over. The dog's name is Joey. He's quite old, but he's super sweet. The dog has a lot of things that come with old age, but despite the problems, he's still as happy and...well...attempts to be as energetic as a young puppy. He's hopping around the suite; deaf, blind as a bat, and finding himself very comfortable on top of some change and his owner's toque. While the dog is resting, the humans are watching the first Rambo movie. This is my first time watching the film. We ended up finding out where this was filmed, because the scenery looked so familiar. Turns out it was filmed in BC's beautiful the movie's magic is kind of ruined for me. Although it does make me want to go out to Golden Ears Provincial Park and pretend to be Rambo.

Hoho, there I'm all caught up! Starting daily again tomorrow! Another family BBQ!

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