Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend events (day 22-23)

Saturday was more or less cleaning. It was my friend Anna F.'s last day during her visit to Vancouver from Quebec. She was all over the place as a lot of her friends wanted to catch her before she left as some didn't make it to group events we had planned, so her last week was couch hopping from her friends places. I'm pretty sure I only got to see her 4 days out of the 2 weeks of her visit in BC. Our last attempted group event for Anna's visit was bowling. I had a great time, despite the fact that I broke a nail, and I lost both games...but everything was black lights! The lanes were glowing and the whites of the shoes and our shirts were glowing as well! I wore white in preparation of this event. Taking pictures in black lights is another story. I had to keep the camera as still as I could, as there wasn't much "light" in the area, and if the flash was on...well there wasn't a point in showing how this black light works, does it now. So, the picture is kind of blurry...but it was the best I could do with the lighting conditions. Oh well.

Sunday has been relaxing so far...kind of. This was the day I drove down to the airport for the drop off Anna for her flight, and head down to Bikram yoga, which was especially hot for some reason. I got dizzy quite easily this time, I had to do a lot of savasana. After having a small yet delicious bowl of instant noodles for lunch, Chris and I went down to the used bookstore to get rid of some old books (and get store credit) to get some "new" ones. I picked up a Martha Stewart craft book (IT'S SO HEAVY), a cookbook, and a scrapbooking how-to, with unused stencils. The used book store is owned by this laid back cat named Buddha. The picture does not show justice to the name. Car wash was originally suppose to be scheduled in the driveway when we got back, but both of us got so tired from being in the sun for that tiny trip to the book store...that we just went into our basement suite. Another perk to living in someone's basement.

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