Tuesday, September 14, 2010

All I can think about is Jewelry (day 50-52)

On the weekend, I visited my parents and my pet rabbit. Everyone is doing well, which is what I like to hear :). Instead of taking the weekend to relax, all I could think about was finishing this one piece of jewelry, which required me to obtain some gold earring findings...so I took the opportunity to go to Michaels while I was there. I took a picture while in there, but I have no idea how to get it off my phone!! I'm very upset about that, it was a fun photo. I think Chris took the same picture but it won't work the same for my photo project...I think the attempt still counts ;). We also picked up a card game called "Munchkins". It's pretty fun, we got the pirate edition. It's seen in the photo above.

Monday, I pursued these earrings that I couldn't stop thinking about, attempting my first top drop pendant wiring technique. These are a keeper. I will definitely be making more of these delicate looking earrings:
After doing this pair, I undid some pendants where I had used bails that were too big for it, and did some top drop pendant wiring on it instead. I like it much better, however I'm still learning it so it's a bit messy.
I've been commissioned to do a necklace for a friend's wedding she will be wearing with her dress. She has a pair of earrings already but doesn't have a matching necklace. This will be hard to do, I think. The beads I am ordering for this project are going to be online because of the cheap factor, but I will not be able to see it put together until they are in my hands. I'm worried it won't work out, and that this was a lot of effort for nothing.

Faking confidence can only take you so far. Let's hope that these beads work out. Coming in mid-late October.

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