Monday, September 06, 2010

Charming cookies (day 45)

Majority of people get today, Labour day, off work. I was one of them. It was dark and rainy outside, which made for a great sleep the night before. What to do on a rainy day off? Why, bake cookies of course :)
White Chocolate and Macadamia nut

I also did a lot of cleaning today, which included my extended craft area in front of my bookcase. Threw out a lot of unwanted papers and receipts. Recycler man will by happy tomorrow. I also found some time today to put some charms on a bracelet I had.
This bracelet chain was given to me by Chris on our anniversary last year (2009). There weren't any charms on it when given to me because he couldn't afford it at the time, which I thought was better because I liked the look of it plain. I ordered some cheap charms online in our massive bead order, for the sake of getting some, to see if I liked the look of it, and I do. Although, I may want to find a plain bracelet to wear on my plain days.

I'm not sure if I'm going to buy jewelry where Chris bought this bracelet though. We have a 3 year warranty on this bracelet, and just with everyday wear, the links are cracking and scratching my skin. I've brought this back twice, even before my one year mark. Both times, they did a shotty job on it, and it's still cracked in some areas. Not impressed for what was paid for this thing.

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