Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Couch Potato (day 59)

Now that summer is officially coming to an end, that means that the fall brings a new season of some mindless television. Tonight, I caught up on Castle, How I met your Mother, and yes, Gossip Girl...we all have our guilty pleasures. Super girly TV shows is one of them, although it isn't so much of a surprise...just an excuse. I've put off dishes for this! I told myself I'd just put it on in the background, but I found myself gravitating towards the couch and laying down with a bag of chips in hand. I'm never going to get anything done around here with new shows turning up this year. I have so many to watch, and a handful that I want to start from the beginning because I've heard amazing things about them. At least this will be a perfect opportunity to knit mindless patterns. I have one in mind that I haven't started yet, but it will happen soon!

I can feel that spare tire filling in nicely...I'm ready to bellydance!


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  2. where r u gunna belly dance? at my dress fitting/bridal shower/bachlorette Party? lol hahahaha XD Great entry, I totally feel the same, but I gravitate to the TV everyday...lol hahaha :D