Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Could of used some caffeine (day 67)

Please visit Laura's Blog and The Living Room Studio for another rendition and more pictures of our trip to Shuswap Lake! She just finished posting not too long ago, and I was already on it like a Vulture on a dead carcass. Love the photos AND the post :).

Today just dragged on. I'm sure you've all had one of those days before where you thought the day would never end. The weather was great, but the sun was shining in my eyes and reflecting off the material of my desk surface. It started to give me a headache, which made me really sleepy. Pull down the blinds you say? It is unspeakable in our room as people start to complain about lack of natural sunlight. Well, you don't have to sit next to the window facing south west. The afternoon sun is horrible on my eyes, EVERY single day. I try not to complain about it, as I did kind of want the window seat. Our area also heats up like a green house because of the sun, but only next to the window seats. It's my karma for taking a window seat, I guess

T showed me this amazing...and shallow game on facebook called "It Girl"...where you shop and look for "hot" clothing and attend functions. Can't get any material than this...yet I find myself going on quests, and rummaging though every rack that I can to find an accessory that goes with my shoes. After work, we ended up talking about how this game objectifies women, and how it was so shallow...and yet...we continue. We also started talking about how we need to get rid of some "real life" clothing items that we forget about, or just don't wear anymore. A good trick is turning all your hangers backwards, and whatever you have worn, you turn the hanger right side out. After a while, you'll see some items that you probably won't ever wear anymore. I am going to do this for one year (so I can go through seasonal clothing).

Here are some ideas that I have used with clothes that I didn't wear anymore:
  1. Hand-me downs to family
  2. Craft them into something else. It's like getting free fabrics!
  3. Donate to a charity
I feel good about all of those options, rather than just throwing them into the trash where no one will be able to benefit from my impulse shopping. I've been really good now with clothes shopping. I haven't done it in a very long time. Now that I got hooked on this game, I will spend more of my time doing virtual shopping then the actual thing. It will get me more focused on our financial goals. In the game right now, I'm waiting for a 'caffeine' boost so I can continue 'shopping'. I could of used a boost the whole day. 

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