Sunday, September 05, 2010

Crafty outing (day 43)

Yesterday, a handful of us ventured to Button Button and Dressew for some craft materials. If you haven't been to's a NECESSITY that you go.

Button Button (a shelf of the store featured above) sells button and clasps exclusively. I found a lot of buttons that are gorgeous and some that are...well...only certain people can really enjoy its beauty. They have buttons in every corner of the store. I remember the first time I visited this store, I had quite a few things on my plate ( put your buttons on a plate!), and when I thought I was done, I turned around, and there was more buttons...I'm pretty sure that happened 5 times...we were in there for probably 2 hours...and the store is small...That is how amazing this store is. Where else am I going to find TotoroDoraemon AND Hello Kitty buttons?!

Dressew has very cheap crafty materials. Their whole upper floor is fabrics and halloween costumes. Downstairs, accessories for sewing, knitting, you name it, they probably have it. I found 50 cent craft scissors with the neat designs! Yarn is also pretty cheap.

After this trip, there will be a lot more projects coming up in the near future! So exciting!

After the outing, we went to a BBQ that was held by one of Chris's coworkers that was Downtown. The place was GORGEOUS, but you could tell it was extremely expensive to live in. The bathroom was my favourite part (I forgot to take a photo of it). There were lights at the edges of the floor by the sink area, and there were lights under the counter top, which was frosted glass, so the sink lit up the washroom. The lighting was phenomenal, I swear it was a hotel. T'was a good day!

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