Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Desperate Knitter (day 54)

Knitting. One of my favourite pastimes. I love curling up on the couch with some good ol' Stargate SG-1 or Atlantis, and knit up a storm. I learned to knit in my grad year of high school. It was only until I started working at my current studio that I started expanding from plain garter stitch scarves. By the way, to warn you in advance, get ready for a lot of knitting jargon.

While branching off to the world of knitting toques and gloves, I started bringing in projects into work for some lunch, or computer rebooting time. From there, Yarnies (is what I call people who knit or crochet) started rising from depths of the computer monitors. We started to gather, and suddenly a group was formed. We met during lunch hours to "Stitch and Bitch". I loved it. It was a great way to learn from "veteran" knitters, or to force yourself to take some time from your busy schedule and just knit to relax. For a couple of years now, our group only rises during the colder seasons, which is reasonable. Who knits in the summer?...I guess it's just me.

Relaxing. I guess that only comes with knitting if you're working on something mundane in your pattern, like 10 rows of stockinette or garter. One of the girls is making a baby blanket for her cousin's twins, with some thick bulky yarn. It turns out that she made her cast off edge too tight for her to thread her needles back through again for the second part of the pattern, which is a border of a different colour. She got most of the stitches off onto some scrap yarn temporarily while the whole group attempted to help her slip off these extra tight stitches. I don't even know how she got them on there in the first place. Her husband couldn't even get them off! After spending what seemed like an eternity trying to get these stitches off, we had to come up with some alternative solutions.

She couldn't come to terms of cutting off the castoff edge and redoing it. Tying the yarn back on would not look good on bulky yarn, it's too obvious. When she DID get those stitches off, even if they were tight, she could go back with smaller needles for the pick up and that would be much easier to slip the stitches off. But how to get the stitches off without cutting the yarn or redoing the castoff edge?

Options weighed: The cost of the blanket > circular knitting needles

She cut the cord on her circular needles....
Sorry for the annoying voice. I was absolutely heartbroken when this happened, however this was a cleaner fix than our other solutions. The blanket is still in tact. The needles on the other hand...Superglue and some kind of tape to secure the crack on the cord should do the trick.

This has left a scar in her knitting battle. Winner. Keep on truckin'.

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  1. That is a Great entry... it was a tad confusing for those but great none the less, plus that video was kinda