Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dreaming about beads (day 57)

I've suddenly find myself browsing through tonight, on a hunt for some cheap deals. They have sales every week, and the urge to keep things out of my cart has become a struggle. Of course, a lot of this is justified by telling myself that I'll sell some things that I've made, but I haven't come to terms yet that I'm not going through this process. I haven't priced things out, or have the guts to part with ones that I really like, which is pretty much all of them. Shame.

I've decided to give myself a budget on craft supplies...not that I need anymore...per month; inspired by a friend of mine whom has specific budgets for leisure activities. I really like the system that her and her husband have, so I think I will make something similar for myself and C. I have yet to determine what they are. I guess we'll find out how much we are consciously spending on those activities this month. If I really want that "perfect" house in the suburbs, I have to save up in any way I can.

Gotta start selling myself as a freelance 'business'...I need a name!!

40 Rose Bicone Swarovski Crystal Beads Beading 5301 4mm

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