Friday, September 17, 2010

Giddy - Photography (day 55)

The pencil has nothing to do with anything in this post, besides the fact that it was the closest thing to my camera at the time. This is me testing out my new MACRO FILTERS. I got a set of 3, 1x 2x and 4x lenses. Photo taken was with the 4x lens and my standard 18-55. I am amazed that I can see the fibers in my carpet. The set cost me less than $20! Why so cheap? Online hong kong...I'm not even sure how to categorize the store! The products they sell range from keychains, watches, power tools, LED faucets, toys, guitar accessories, camera acessories, makeup...the list goes on. My coworkers and I made a mass order, and everything finally came in today. We were all giddy when we got our things. I also picked up a self timer remote so I can take portraits from far away. It was only $3, and it does the job. As well I also got a wrist strap; the neck strap gets annoying on certain occasions.

Okay, I'm all photo-geeked out!

PEACE that was lame, what was I thinking...You don't deserve to read the end of a blog post like that. I am so sorry.

.....end <3

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