Sunday, September 19, 2010

High off hot glue (day 58)

I haven't used hot glue guns since my Christmas family craft nights at elementary school. There was a different craft in each classroom, If there was room for you to sit, you were welcome to start up crafts. I remember making reindeer candy canes, wax sheet candles, and popcicle stick Christmas ornaments. Who would of ever guessed that I'd be excited to do the same things again after 15 years?

Today's experience with hot glue was a little mundane, but totally worth it in the end. I got the idea from my Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Crafts.
Shell lanterns! Made with LED lights, no heat, and able to withstand the outdoors. This craft took approximately 2 hours (with help from a friend who worked from the other end), more or less, of placing hot glue on the light, and then putting a shell on top of it....hold...hold........okay next one....and so on. I've also learned a neat trick which I have yet to try that had to do with removing this type of glue from almost any surface. This would come in handy when I decide to turn these lights into paper lanterns, or use them on my Christmas tree.

After using my friend's hot glue gun...I'm tempted to pick up one for myself...maybe next month...that craft budget belt is getting pretty tight.

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