Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I've been Framed! (day 60)

In reference to a photo...I may be in fact, "framed"...(laughs quietly to self)

We had a very big family photo done amateurly by yours truely earlier in the year at my brother's wedding reception. We usually take one when someone gets married, as everyone's already dressed nice and in one place at the same time. Just on my dad's side of the family...well...let's just say I have go count with my fingers AND toes...and I still wouldn't be able to name all of my cousins on that side. Anyways, so the set up ended up looking wide and it was an odd dimension.

So my grandfather found the perfect picture frame that worked with the photo that he just pulled out of no where. All he needed was a glass, which we found really cheap in town, and I will definitely go back there when I need some glass. Then was the process to print the photo to the right size. I knew that the size cropped originally wasn't going to fit any normal printing size, so I had to add some white BG to the top and bottom of the photo. We were going to snip it off anyway to fit in the photo frame. Tonight, I just finished off adding wire to the back of the frame for hanging. My first 'framing' work! It seems to be working so far!

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