Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jewelry Making (day 49)

This is how I spend a Friday night: making Jewelry!

I went on over to a friend's place who has been having problems with getting into the groove of crafting. Back in the caveman days, women gathered berries and took care of the home while the men hunted to provide for the family. Many MANY generations later, we find ourselves naturally doing the same things to provide for family. Ever want to explain why women like shopping? It's in our genes. We love to gather, whether its berries or shoes. Back on track, this friend has collected a lot of things to make jewelry with plenty of ideas in mind and lack of motivation. My visit to her house was the first step in moving forward. I was very proud that she was able to make a pair of earrings, and I can't wait for her to make more. The problem is keeping her into this groove. While she was working away, I was doing my own thing. I made more guitar pick earrings, featured in this post (The Fender ones are my favourite). I managed to make holes in all of the picks while I was at her place with her trusty hammer, nail, and old chopping board that was meant to be thrown away.

During this evening, we discussed the idea of having a brand for future selling opportunities. I am one of the worst people to come up with names. Do not let me name a baby, it will probably be called "Almond" or something. I've been writing down name ideas for a while, and then looked back at it after a period of time to see if the name still appealed to me. I have yet to find one that I've liked for over 2 weeks. Any suggestions would be appreciated, via private message, or a comment for this post.

Fender 351 Classic Celluloid Guitar Picks, 12 Pack, Shell, Medium

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