Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Late night cleaning (day 61)

There seems to not be enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do. Majority of that is cleaning the house.

I am very thankful to have in-suite laundry. I don't want to brag, but I love having this machine available so that I can run the dryer as I'm sleeping. It's a shame that I can't do more than one load at a time, so I have to multitask while I do laundry. Usually that's dishes. Right now, it's blogging.

I remember one night when C and I were up late working on his demo reel and doing batch renders on his desktop and our laptop, I did so much stuff while we were waiting for one scene to be done so that we could start the next one. I think all of the laundry was done, including putting it all away, dishes, vacuum and tidied up a lot of congested areas. I could use another one of those nights. I feel frazzled just looking at this place.

On a lighter note, our friends from "The Living Room Studio" invited me to help out their table at a local craft show for the holidays. I will also be displaying jewelry work for the holidays (not all will be holiday oriented, but I am working on some pieces). I know very little details about this show, other than the fact of where it is, and when I have to be there. Maybe this will finally pay off my crafting obsession. I'm not sure what to expect for traffic at this craft show.

I still need a name? I'm at the point of giving up pretty soon on a name. I figured it's a lost cause for me to come up with a name, and I could just use my blog to promote myself. So here I am! Crafty Bunny...yah it's a pretty lame name, but I'm stuck with it....Bunny >:3

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