Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Late night grocery run (day 53)

The subject of my affection....<3
Scary Hairy Monster!

We actually have a series of photos around halloween time when the costumes and decorations are out. They're usually of us putting on costumes and not purchasing them. Chris usually finds the skulliest, fangiest, and hairiest he can find. This, my friends, is what I live with. There's a monster in my closet? Oh, it's probably just Chris being silly. What are you doing in that closet? You don't belong in there! So silly!

We did a late night grocery run after our very quick dinner at BP (yaaaaahh pasta Tuesdays). Had bellydancing today, so dinner ran super late. At the grocery store, we wandered to electronics before heading to pick up actual things we needed for the week. This was where we bumped into costumes. When arriving at electronics, I noticed the film that my company worked on early this year had released today and was playing on the television. I danced and sang to the music, even though I didn't work on it...but I did hear it repeatedly through the halls of production...

"Get your sparkle on!"

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