Friday, September 03, 2010

Oh yeah, Summer's ending soon (day 42)

Our company held a BBQ today at the beach not too far from my workplace. This was a family oriented event, so quite a few people brought their kids and spouses to this event. There were creative balloon animals/humans (someone got the Little Mermaid! I was so jealous) and face painting. I, on the other hand, was entertained by bubble blowing. I wanted so badly to lay down on the grass, and get the last bit of good sun this year, alas, our area was too close to the pond, which meant goose AND duck...and probably dog poop...everywhere.

All in all, was a pretty fun day. I got to take home a frisbee (shown above) that was left over from a goodie bucket for kids, as well as a bottle of bubbles :)

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