Monday, September 27, 2010

A road trip to be a pirate (day 62-65)

Been MIA since Thursday. Preparations for a weekend vacation was in order. Our friends and I booked a houseboat at the end of the cheap season up at Shuswap Lake in the interior BC. Before I get into that, let me tell you about the events of Thursday.

On the way to work, we overheard that Dan Aykroyd was in town and is hosting a signing for a Canadian produced vodka promoted and endorsed by him. C and I always wanted the bottle itself. It's pretty wicked. C said that if we -ever- finished the bottle,  he'd turn it into a beta fish tank. The signing was during our work hours, and even 4 hours before Dan Aykroyd got to the designated liquor store for the signing, there were a couple of people already lined up. C had went there to check on the status before work had started, and knew he didn't have a chance to go during a break period. There was a woman there who had a bag of stuff for Aykroyd to sign: VHS tapes, records, the Blues Brothers script, etc. I also heard that there were quite a few people dressed up (or "cosplay" to be more presice). We managed to get Jules to stand in line for us (she waited an hour!!) and get the signed bottle. That's all we really wanted. Very happy with it. I'm trying to figure out where to put a display case of some kind for this and the rest of our "fancy" empty liquor bottles.

Friday, it's off to Sicamous! We left at 4 in the morning. A 5-6 hour drive, depending on how many breaks you need. We had a few. I borrowed my brother's GPS device as to make sure I didn't get lost. However, I thought it was strange that the GPS took me off the highway and onto some quiet empty backroad because it was a 'shorter distance'. All I had to do was stay on highway...and I probably would of gotten there faster. When we finally got there, and set out onto the water, I was already giddy. R was Captain, I was co-captain (as being the only two out of our group to have full driving licenses). He was the one who usually parked the boat onto the beach. We took turns cruising, or pulling the boat away from shore when we were ready to move again. 
Can't go wrong with a set of adhesive mustaches and some good friends.
T & L

On this boat, we attempted to have a lot of pirate themed things. Although, I was pretty much the only one "dressed up" the whole time...once that scrubcap is on your head for the whole's necessary to wear it the day after as well...especially when you don't shower...another pirate trait. Foodwise, this trip consisted of a lot of meat oriented meals. With a BBQ at hand, most of us only thought about meat. Ribs, sausages, more ribs, steaks bigger than my head, bacon, steak wrapped in bacon, more ribs. I pretty much got tired of eating meat. The girls seem to have sworn off meat for a while, I'm waiting to finish leftovers first. Next week, I'm vegetarian...but good luck to me...I do enjoy beef and poultry!
Set up the tripod for a group photo: D+L, R+T, C+S

C had also found out that Shuswap Lake was a great place to go fishing. He's been dying to go fishing for the whole summer. Him and R got licenses and rods but weren't able to catch anything that we were allowed to bring home. C managed to snag a very large, strong salmon, but it snaped the line. Late fall seems to be spawning season for salmon. A lot of adult salmon have finished spawning and have passed on. Picture to the right shows only a handful of how many dead fish we came across. I drifted the boat into the concentrated area of dead fish bodies, and this was where C almost caught a Salmon. This was also one of the reasons why no one on the boat decided to take a shower.
(we actually lost track because there were so many...)

During this trip, I was reminded of why I love BC: Gorgeous!

Time for the drive home. Another 5 hours. Even though we had a GPS, and we only needed to take one road and make sure we don't take any turn offs unless it was for a break, I was still afraid of getting lost. As soon as we hit Chilliwack and Abbotsford, I felt safer with familiar landmarks. Driving 5 hours straight can get really tiring, especially when it starts to get dark. Your muscles start to give because they've been clenched or tense. If you've never driven for more than 2 hrs straight, you have no idea how hard this is on the butt muscle. It's an odd thing to say, but it's very true! Some essentials to a successful -awake- road trip is good tunes and caffeine. My playlist REQUIRES "Flight of the Conchords" and "Journey". I usually can't fall asleep to those because I'm very concentrated on the lyrics. We made it home safely and I passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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  1. Sounds like an Awesome trip!!! XD and the pics are amazing... One of my mum's best friends lives in and she's coming to my wedding, plus I've known her all my life...