Thursday, September 09, 2010

Shimmy down (day 47)

Gym bag...

Second day of Bellydance, and my hips are about to give! Whoever thought that people can move like this? I have no coordination what so ever. I got lost about half way through today's routine.

I didn't give up though! I kind of got it by the end.

At the end of the class, the instructor got the girls to stand around in a circle while each one of us free-styled in the centre. I was last, and watching all of the other girls before me was nerve wracking. When it was my turn, I gave it my all, which wasn't much. A little shimmy here, a little step and pause there, and a lot of drama.

This is definitely a type of dance where you HAVE to let go of your inhibitions. Don't be afraid of looking stupid, and just be naturally beautiful while learning the way your body COULD move if you really tried. Everyone in that class is learning at different levels, and the people who are good have been doing it for much longer than I have. Maybe one day, I could shimmy my way around the studio without feeling like an idiot.

Goal after these classes? Balance a book on my head while walking and doing Turkish hip drops.

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