Thursday, September 09, 2010

Starting to feel the cold (day 48)

Rain and clouds are just kicking into the Greater Vancouver area. Time to put on layers! Bring on the boots, pea coats, and dark wash jeans.

I -love- wearing knee socks. They keep my legs extra warm, unlike regular sized socks. Great for boots, or under your jeans. They're also super comfy.

I didn't pose well for this picture...but oh well.

Picked up some earring making supplies at Michael's today. Will be making some stud earrings, hopefully I can get them to work the way I want them to :). Hot glue gun, here I come! I'm very excited to work on these!!

Also, I've been commissioned to do some accessories. I'm excited to start on those too. One will be working off of another design that...costs a lot of money for something so simple. I'm making a "Chinese Knockoff" in my own home. It looks neat too, I want one for myself. If it all goes well, I will be making a few, but secret project for now.

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