Friday, September 03, 2010

Use Sparingly (day 41)

The story goes: Lipton sidekick commercials had these little guys to promote their "less sodium" products with a crying salt shaker. I was told by my brother in late June that these little guys were available as ACTUAL salt and pepper shakers . At the time, we were at the grocery store, and he told me that in order to get these, you have to buy a certain amount of Lipton sidekicks and mail in the UPC codes. I liked sidekicks anyway, so me grabbing a quite a bit was no problem. He had ordered 3 sets a couple of months before this moment, one for him, one for his wife's sister, and the other one was a gift. I was determined to get these, so I checked out and immediately visited the website, only to find out that their limited supply had run out and they were no longer running the's a good thing I like sidekicks.

Today, my brother's 3 sets came in today (after several months of waiting). Turns out the gift set wasn't really going to anyone, so they gave it to me! JOYOUS OCCASION!! The salt shaker's tag says "Please only use me sparingly". I love their expressions, and the fact that I have to shake them to get stuff out.

Happy day!

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