Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Chunky fuzz(day 73)

I got this Martha Stewart handmade holiday gifts magazine around 4 years ago when I was working at an organic grocery store to fund my schooling. In this magazine, I saw a pattern for a scarf that I have become obsessed with. It's a very simple style. At that time, I wasn't much educated with knitting terms or the types of yarn, so finding a 'chunky' yarn described in the book was a little hard. All I got for reference was the photo of the scarf made on that page. It wasn't until one of my coworkers a the time told me about a small yarn store in town that specializes in knitting. I could stop going to Walmart and Michaels to look for this type. That little store still didn't have what I was looking for, and it turns out it closed down, while I still had about $11 in store credit...Of course their system is really old fashioned, so they wouldn't have contacted me or anything. Not that I care too much...but I'll never forget it.

After 4 years of half-hunting for a Handspun thick/thin yarn, I finally found it at a needlework place downtown. I've haven't been working on this scarf for too long, and with my size 50 needles (yes, they are massive!), it won't take long at all to finish this up. I can't wait. 4 years in the making!

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