Thursday, October 14, 2010

Conquering the Dining Table (day 83)

This is my work space for jewelry. As for the dining table, I don't think we've eaten on it since the summer. It's usually got all of my craft junk on it. Can't wait to finally get our own place so I can claim a craft room. That room is going to be insane. I already have so many ideas in my head!

I need to stay away from making earrings. I usually keep going back to it because they're so easy and small. You'll see there that I'm attempting some bracelets soon.

I need to migrate over to bracelets and necklaces. The hard thing with necklaces is you must find a chain for it. I haven't had the chance or money to stock up on those, but I don't think I will until I run out of what I have. I also have other accessories in mind, but again, lack of supplies and money has appeared as an obstacle. Darn you, budget. Although, having this budget has opened my eyes on what I've been spending and where. Huge wake-up call. Things are dying down money wise, and I can actually see where our money is going, and I'm very excited.

Seem like I'm working in phases. We'll see where this goes. I'm not expecting much to be sold at the craft show, to be honest, so it's a good thing I love the pieces that I'm making. Someone's gotta wear them :).

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