Sunday, October 03, 2010

Crafty cleaning (day 72)

I've recently been following this fantastic craft blog called "Wild Olive", where I found very cute designs for bookmark/magnet clips! Not shown is a bacon one, which I put right into C's book. Here is the link to the direct craft: HERE. Lately, craft blogs have been great reading material. I find a lot of inspiration and information though them, and I love to share them with my other crafty friends.

There wasn't much planned for today besides a continuation of cleaning. I went into cleaning mode for 12 hrs, with cooking, crafting, and eating breaks. The place still isn't ideal for me, but I am exhausted. I am still proud of how much I got done today to the house. There were a handful of things that were meant to be put on the wall for a long time (my pizza box canvases being one of them). I got rid of a lot of papers and old packaging, and I finally put all of my printed knitting patterns into protective sleeves and into a binder...and organized by category...OCD much?

For crafting, I finished off those booties, I made those bookmark things, strung some strong on my little bulletin board so that these can hang from them, and I started a scarf. I've also started removing a component of some buttons so that I can later make them into earrings.

C and I are on 14 hours of "Full Metal Alchemist". We discovered the entire series on Netflix, and it's been playing on TV since 9 this morning. For a long time, I have been meaning to watch the series for a while, but never got around to it. I enjoy the accessibility of Netflix. No download time! It is definitely worth it now, but I wonder if it will be later on...when we've watched everything.

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  1. LOL~ haha I was gonna make that one bookmark craft as well but haven't gotten the chance yet :P funfun~