Sunday, October 17, 2010

Crafty Kittens (day 85-86)

On Saturday, myself and good friend from the Living Room Studio, T, went over to another friend of ours, Tas, to work on some bath crafts and other miscellaneous items. Some of us made jewelry and we all attempted to make candles, soaps and bath salts for the first time...trial and error...There were some things that didn't work out, so we're trying to fix it.

Sunday was also quite nice. C and I met up with my brother, his wife, and our cousin, and we all went for dim sum at our usual restaurant, and then after went to the mall. I've actually fairly proud of myself of the fact that I haven't been to the mall in a really long time. I like to avoid it at any way possible, or at least change it up so I'm not going to the more popular one. Surprisingly, wasn't that busy at the time we got there. After my brother dropped me off, we had an unexpected visitor waiting in our back yard:
Several posts back, I had mentioned a certain cat that I wanted to take home because I thought it was either a stray or knew that the owners didn't take care of it properly. Well here is our furry visitor again, and VERY clean I might add. This made me happy, as I knew someone was taking care of this darling feline. Again, she was very affectionate towards me and C. Unfortunately, we can't have a cat in our suite, and this one was quite persistent to follow us. We played with her for a bit, but had to distract her with other things so we could go inside.

Very cute kitty. Her personality is the same type that C and I want to get for a cat in the future. Headbutter.

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  1. Good Job in resisting the urge to shop!!! XD I have a very hard time doing that myself... I can't wait for u to meet my XP they are cute :D