Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This is me! (day 81)

Let's start today by saying...I am still addicted to "It Girl" on facebook and it is consuming my spare time. The more "hot" clothes you have, the better your chances are at winning parties, which completes quests and get you experience points. You know, your basic MMO; 'cept this one involves looking for a cute skirt with some killer heels. What amuses me is the fact that I can layer (reasonably) an interesting amount of stuff onto my character, and it will only increase her 'hotness'. My character in the image is actually wearing leggings WITH thigh high socks, AND legwarmers. She also has a necklace hiding under her scarf that no one will ever see, and a high 'hot' rating shirt hidden under this jacket. I may as well find smaller leg warmers and put them on top of the ones I have! If I saw someone walking down the street with that many layers on her legs, I'd think she was crazy...but then I'll have to remember this game...and give her a nod of approval.

Last night, I needed to turn on my stories before bedtime. I also wanted to feel productive, as I hate the feeling of just lazing around without multitasking. I feel like I have to keep my mind going at all times. So I decided to bring out my ink pads and cut up some paper to make some appealing cards for the art show. 

I had given up on making a neat 'name' for myself. I had an alphabet stamp sheet and was trying to arrange the letters to make appealing sounding words where I only had to use the letters once (I'll use a capital if needed). I realized, after months of trying to come up with a catchy name, what was wrong with my own name? How would I summarize my freelance business? Well...it's me, what more can I say?

A nickname that I approved of back in my younger days, and my good friends still call me by this. As for the rabbit, well, I'm sure you all know why that's there :3.

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