Friday, October 15, 2010

Excited about being Crafty (day 84)

I am proud to say, and if you didn't already know, I LOVE BEING CRAFTY. There's something satisfying about being creative with what you have. Making something out of nothing. Using what I have on hand to do the job. I think I get that from my father...he crafted his own exercise bike by propping up the back wheel of a regular bike...didn't work too well...but the idea was pretty neat. He also make a punching bag out of woodchips and a large canvas bag.

I took the time to look through some fabrics that my mom gave me a while back to make some pillows. I really need to pull out that sewing machine and work on that pile of clothes that need mending.

Speaking of being crafty, I was presented with some fabulous information. Kirby Epic Yarn comes out on SUNDAY! I only just found out about this game today, and unfortunately, I don't own a Nintendo Wii, BUT my brother has one, so I might borrow his. I was bouncing off the walls when I found out how PERFECT this game is for me. I always loved playing kirby, and now that he is yarn and walking through worlds of felt, fabric and buttons, while collecting beads...well, I just lost it. I cannot wait to pick it up, whenever that is. It probably won't be soon.

To view the review and play-through of the game, click here

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