Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Excited! (day 92-95)

We can make the pictures and day summaries brief because I've been working the whole weekend on this one surprise at the bottom of this post, so lets get to it!
Day 92 - I'm finally getting the hang of "Cleaning dishes right after you eat". The sink has never been this clean for a long period of time in ages! I can see the drain!!

Day 93 - I balled many balls of yarn, I can't even remember how many. I found it relaxing. This was also the day that Trish, Tony and Ry came over to my place and had Prime Rib. Trish cooked for us because Chris couldn't leave the house due to the hospital thing that I won't get into details about.

Day 94 - I finally got around to writing down what I wanted to do craft-wise onto some post-it notes, so I can physically see what's going on here. As you can see, lots to do!! And these are all for me!

Day 95 - We went over to Tony and Trish's for dinner. They made Pho, with the leftover prime rib bones. I took a photo of the bowl I had in front of me, but I forgot my camera there! curses! Instead, this is a tour guide book for Vietnam; the motherland. We're planning on going next year! How exciting!

Now to the fun stuff! C and I have entered a contest that will hopefully help us in the future finanially, so we don't have to worry about it!

VOTE FOR US for Michael Hill's Ultimate Engagement Ring Contest
Click on the link above, it will bring you to our profile with listed challenges we've finished. Please visit all of the challenges, read, and click on the big purple button that says 'Vote for this entry'!

There will be 3 challenges every week, and we're trying to catch up, so keep checking in! I'll let you know when we're done all of them so you can go through and get them at once!

Thank you kindly for all your votes!

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