Thursday, October 28, 2010

Face for a Canvas(day 96)

Makeup is not just an necessity or accessory for some girls. It's an artform. With halloween around the corner, this is a great time to become creative with what you're wearing on your body AND your face. As exciting as I get about costumes and wearing make up, dressing up, and all that, this year, I am not doing much of anything. Our original plan was to see my parents on the island but since C has to stay home, I must take care of him. Unfortunate incidents = last minute decision. My brother is still going though. T'was a shame, I was looking forward to going too.

Today, Taj and I were talking and she had mentioned that she had no idea what shoes to wear for her Halloween costume, or what makeup to have. Taj's costume is Ebi (shrimp) Nigiri sushi. I was staring at pictures on google all morning, and I started craving it for lunch. Then when I got home, I made this design:

Used: black liquid liner, black pencil liner, orange shadow, red-orange shadow, white eyeliner for temporary placement (you can still see it on my face, haha), and a concealer (applied with a brush) to define the harsh line of the shadow on the lid. I didn't bother with the mascara because I was ready to take a shower and off to bed.

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  1. OMG!!! u did an Awesome job with the eye... I wish I was that good... my seductive vampire make-up from michelle phan isn't gunna be that good.. plus i am adding my own personal touch to the make-up.. but hopefully it will look good like this one... good job! keep up the good work!! XD