Thursday, October 07, 2010

Jewelry Craft meeting (day 76)

Our cute little craft group met up for a night of intense jewelry making. For some, it was their first time making jewelry and learning the techniques. There were beads that were ordered online that haven't come in yet, and we had scheduled this night in reference to these beads, but they did not show. All that means is, we must get together again when it finally does, and everyone is anticipating it. We're all itching to make more things, but we ran out of supplies. Shucks.

For me, it was quite successful. I made a handful of stud earrings (out of buttons!), which will be sold at the craft show. It will be hard to let go of some of them. I seriously want to keep them all, but then I would have a huge problem on my hands. If they sell well, I will just make more. If not, I guess I'm keeping them for myself :).

I love getting together with our little craft group. Their enthusiasm gets me pumped up. Makes me want to learn, teach, and all of the in between. I also love being inspired by what others come up with. Crafty-Girls, you rock!

Update:  Thanks to Calista for taking the pics of stuff I made at her place!
Earring studs made from buttons!
Made from skull buttons, (studs)

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