Friday, October 01, 2010

Tea Time (day 70)

I figured out the reason why I felt so fatigued this week.

....wait for it....




I am sick!

I think it's just a cold so far. I can't tell exactly, but I do know that I need as much sleep as I can get to get better. Good thing the weekend's coming up! Time to turn on the heat and wrap up myself up in blankets. Lots of tea and fluids.

I once told my co-workers that I didn't mind getting sick once in a while. That was only because I liked getting the treatment of someone taking care of me for a change. Also, the congestion didn't bother me. All the more reason to sleep in :).
Time to make some tea, turn on some 'Greys Anatomy' and knit under a blanket. At times like this, I miss my comfy orange rocking soft chair...and I wouldn't mind a cat to warm up my lap :).

Yes, I skipped 50 years and went straight to Grandma-hood.

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