Sunday, October 03, 2010

R&R (day 71)

FINALLY. A day where not much goes on except some much needed rest. C and I -did-, however, go to the grocery store usual. Yes...most exciting to read blog, EVAR.

We also got Netflix! First month is free. Watched some foreign films, and then some Dr. Horrible Sing-a-long blog. I wouldn't be able to do anything that eccentric for my blog. Instead, I write horribly and post pictures!

Here's one!
I took advantage of the fact that I'm sick and should stay inside as much as possible, unless needed (like groceries). I decided to do some knitting while we watched some netflix movies. Got so much done. I'm onto the second baby bootie! By the way, these were commissioned baby booties for a friend's sister. Should be due any day now. They still have to pick the buttons, but I won't be hearing from them until the baby is born. This is good practice for -my- future neice/nephew...C said that I find them so cute, I'd be making so many of them before the kid would be born. I'm....okay with that!

Also, this yarn is the worst yarn to work with unless it's made for a scarf or a blanket that requires no texture pattern. I seriously cannot see what I'm doing with this yarn. If I drop a stitch, I am royally screwed.

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