Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sugar Overload (day 88)

Worked late tonight at the studio. I received a message from my jazzy aspiring baker friend, Keesha R. (aka, Keychain, Kee [+kee], Rumpy?). We've known each other since high school, and shared lots of laughs, such as Turkey-in-a-Can, and tired times in Saskatchewan. Cher was part of our soundtrack for that trip. Anyways, off topic. Kee had moved over from our hometown to the big city to take a chance on some change. She is currently working at a bakery/cafe downtown, and a cupcakes place that isn't too far from where I work. Tonight, she had a closing shift, and offered to drop by the studio while we had some OT with some end of the day cupcakes. I was dumbfounded when she handed me 9 cupcakes. I cut each cupcake into 4 pieces, and offered them to my coworkers, but not too long before the cupcakes had arrived, we had all stuffed our faces with Indian food. If we had known earlier about the sweets, we probably wouldn't have eaten so much. My team is full of troopers. They offered to stuff their faces for the sake of me not having to take as many home, as C can't handle too much sweets (I'm about as sweet as he can handle ;) HA! j/k). The outcome of the cupcakes is in the crime scene photo:
9 cupcakes; 4 brutally injured, 5 missing and presumed dead.
Time of death, 7:55pm
I must say, my favourite one was the cheesecake filled ones. I had a taste of the lemon one, and it was just bliss.

Today, I also decided to use something I like to call 'G-Twit', or "Buzz" as it's officially called. It's Google's version of 'Twitter'. I've placed a widget on the side that updates my G-Twit, things I share and what's on my mind. I'm trying not to move over to twitter...but I don't know what will happen once I get a smartphone...

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